Leveraging Lexia Reading Core5 in a Blended Learning Model

In this webinar, Robert McCabe, VP of Business Development and Education at Lexia Learning, provides a detailed presentation on the use of Core5 as a tool for reading instruction in a blended learning model. Bob addresses the benefits of flexible, independent student learning on an adaptive platform and the collection, analysis, and use of performance data to inform instruction.

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Using Lexia Reading Core5 to Empower Teacher Effectiveness

Liz Brooke, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Chief Education Officer, Lexia Learning and Rosetta Stone, describes how Lexia Reading Core5 can help teachers recognize strengths and weaknesses of each student, connect data to instructional strategies, and provide targeted resources to address each student's needs, unlocking teachers' ability to empower effectiveness. 

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Lexia Strategies for Older Students

Alyson Deutsch, Senior Director, Product Strategy, introduces Lexia Reading Strategies for Older Students, an integrated technology-based program for struggling readers in grades 6 and above which provides a personalized, scaffolded, age-appropriate instructional experience that helps students develop foundational skills. 

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