USBE Approves Lexia Core5 Reading





Lexia Core5 Reading Progress Report: 2019/20 School Year Results for over 80,500 Students in Utah


Progress Report: 10 Exemplar Utah Schools Fall/Winter 2018/2019

Lexia® Core5® Reading, an evidence-based and research-proven literacy program, is one of only four approved programs on the state-funded list and received the highest score of all providers.  


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Approved EISP Program Deep Dive:
Lexia Core5 Reading 


During the webinar, Marci Houseman, the Lexia Utah Project Manager,  provides a closer look at Core5 as well as information on our implementation services.

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Lexia Core5 Reading Results

Lexia has already helped over 100,000 students in over 300 Utah schools become successful readers.

Lexia Academy: eLearning Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy access to Lexia Academy, our eLearning platform that helps educators of all levels gain a deeper understanding of the the science of reading, literacy instructional strategy and implementing Core5 in your classroom. 

Lexia Implementation Support for Utah

Lexia is proven effective, when implemented with fidelity. We partner with schools and districts to meet your literacy goals through a sustainable, measurable and successful Lexia implementation. Our shared objective is to ensure the program is used with fidelity in order for students to get the kind of gains that you are seeking. 

Implementation is a process and our implementation support services are designed to support leaders and educators throughout the various stages of implementation. Together, we help schools and districts move from Implementation to Expansion to Optimization. 

Implementation success requires coordination among all stakeholders and Lexia's dedicated Utah Implementation Project Manager oversees this coordination. Implementation Managers provide personalized school level support and the Project Manager provides personalized district level support. 

As your implementation partners, we support deep implementation through consistent professional development, coaching and monitoring. Together, we design school and district implementation plans that incorporate all three of these essential elements.

To address potential gaps in implementation, each plan details the type of support to be provided throughout the year. The graphic below depicts one approach to providing these implementation support deliverables:

By no means exhaustive, the list of school and district level deliverables include the following:

  • Drafting a Lexia Implementation Plan
  • Providing guidance for technical set-up
  • Organizing, scheduling and delivering up to 3 on-site professional learning sessions (school and district level)
  • Access to on-demand professional development resources
  • Providing guidance on scheduling of students for Lexia usage in classrooms, computer labs, intervention blocks, before/after school and at home
  • Monitoring progress towards literacy goals via video leadership conferences (school level) and on-site leadership conferences (district level)
  • Providing ongoing collaborative support via email and phone
  • Assisting with summer school implementations, end-of-year maintenance and new year start up


Lexia Scope & Sequence

Lexia Core5 Reading provides all students—from emerging readers to on-level and advanced students—a structured, sequential, scaffolded approach to the five areas of reading instruction—from phonological awareness to comprehension. The program creates personalized learning paths for each student through adaptive placement and pacing in activities aligned to the Common Core and other rigorous state standards. See the full Scope & Sequence here.


Lexia Research

Lexia stands as one of the most rigorously researched, independently evaluated, and respected reading programs in the world. Lexia now has 19 externally-reviewed research studies that meet the standards of evidence under ESSA: 8 strong, 4 moderate, and 8 promising. Access the studies here.



Demo Lexia Core5 Reading

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