Core5 Improves Early Literacy in Colorado

Customer Brief: Ridgeview Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO
A READ Act Funding Approved Program

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Lexia Reading Core5 is approved for purchase with READ Act funds.

Lexia’s instructional programs have been proven effective in seven peer-reviewed studies published in scientific journals of education. Our outcome studies include treatment and control groups, which validate Lexia’s instructional approach and demonstrate statistically significant impact on student performance.

Lexia’s research-proven approach helps you:

  • Address the 5 areas of reading as well as Structural Analysis, a true differentiator
  • Increase teacher effectiveness with real-time student progress data
  • Reduce dependence on traditional testing with Lexia’s Assessment Without Testing®
  • Differentiate instruction using real-time data utilizing computer adaptive technology 
Lexia Reading Core5 Helps Students Close the Gap In Colorado

Lexia has already helped thousands of students in Colorado become successful readers.

In a Colorado-specific sample of just over 12,000 students1, 51% of students were working on Core5 material in or above their grade level at the start of the school year. That number increased to 91% by the end of the school year. Students working below grade level reduced from 49% to 9%. 

Two-thirds of the population reached their grade-level benchmark in Core5.

1 Students who used Core5 with fidelity for at least 20 weeks during the 2015/16 school year and met their usage targets for 50% or more of those weeks

Core5 helps Colorado close the gap

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“Lexia has been a powerful tool to track student progress and share specific information with parents. I love the individualized lessons that aid in individualized instruction. ” 

-Rachel Gordon, Teacher Stetson Elementary School, CO

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