Are You Prepared for an Extended School Closure? Lexia Supports Remote Learning to Help Keep Students on Track

Lexia Supports Remote Learning Implementations

Technology is intertwined in every aspect of our lives, affecting how we live, how we work, and, most importantly, how we learn. In the event of extended illnesses, natural disasters, or other circumstances that require a prolonged absence from the classroom, remote learning via technology is critical to help maintain student learning progress. In response to the current coronavirus situation, many schools are taking the precaution of temporarily closing their doors—but what are they doing to ensure student learning is not detrimentally impacted?

The good news is that Lexia Learning can help keep your students’ learning on track if your school encounters an extended closure. Here are three ways in which Lexia supports remote learning.

1. Students can log in from home

If internet access is available at home, students can remotely use Lexia® Core5® Reading or Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® via their school-issued or personal computers and tablets. We recommend creating a plan for how students will log in at home and then sharing that plan with parents or guardians. Make sure students know where to log in as well as what they will need to do so (i.e., username and password or Clever badge). 


2. Students can continue learning using printed program resources 

Core5 and PowerUp offline instructional resources (e.g., Lexia Skill Builders®) can be printed ahead of time and sent home for extended practice and review, which can be an especially helpful option if supported devices are not available at home. Teachers may also consider downloading and sharing recommended materials with parents or guardians for at-home instruction. If access to district-approved video conferencing is available, these materials could also be used by teachers to provide targeted instruction for students.


3. Administrators and teachers can log in to or the myLexia app to monitor student progress

We recommend that teachers log in at least once a week to check on student progress and follow up with families as needed. Teachers may choose to communicate updates about usage and progress with families via email or through a school portal. 


   Before Remote Learning Period
During Remote Learning Period

Administrators can:

  • Create a plan for how students will log in from home

  • Check the list of supported devices

  • Select the tools teachers will use to communicate with families during extended home use

  • Confirm that teachers have a plan in place for logging into myLexia and following up with families to support students as needed

Administrators can:

  • Log into myLexia at least once a week to monitor student progress

  • Check in with teachers to provide support as needed


Teachers can:

  • Check the list of supported devices

  • Plan for how to communicate with families during extended home use

  • Share login information and program resources with families

  • Prepare and send home printed instructional materials

Teachers can:

  • Log into myLexia at least once a week to review student data

  • Email resources to families to support student progress

  • Provide targeted instruction for students (if access to district-approved video conferencing is available)


We’re all in this together

Lexia is ready to provide the remote learning support you need to navigate an extended school closure. If you would like to learn more, talk to your rep. For customer technical support while using the program at home, families can contact Lexia Customer Support at 

Together, we can keep student learning on track—no matter what situation arises!

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