Creating Successful Readers in Virginia

Empowering Teacher Confidence to Drive Literacy Gains in Virginia

Currently supporting over 60,000 students in Virginia, Lexia helps to build teacher confidence and effectiveness, leading to student success through personalized and data-driven literacy instruction.


Personalized Learning

Lexia Learning delivers personalized instruction to accelerate the development of fundamental literacy skills for students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5, and to enhance core English language arts instruction for non-proficient readers in grades 6 and above.

For students of all abilities in grades Pre-K–5

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For non-proficient readers in grades 6 and above

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Hear From Virginia Educators

"I have found that Lexia Core5 Reading is the most effective technology-based literacy program available today. It helps our students build foundational literacy skills, identifies skill gaps as they emerge and provides my teachers the instructional materials to address those gaps. Core5’s real-time performance data enables teachers and administrators to monitor student progress on an on-going basis."  

Alex O’Dell, Principal, Mary Walter Elementary School, Bealeton, VA

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