Product Analysis: Core5 Every Minute Counts, Meeting Usage Targets (2015/16)

Some-Risk and High-Risk students are much more likely to reach their end-of-year (EOY), grade-level benchmark in Core5 when they consistently meet their usage targets.  For students who showed strong usage (i.e., met their targets 75–100% of weeks of use), 55% reached their EOY, grade-level benchmark. In contrast, only 2% with weak usage reached their EOY, grade-level benchmark.

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Research Summary: ISTE Roundtable (2016)

This study focused on teacher engagement and the impact of engagement on fidelity of implementation of a blended learning literacy program.  The study found students of engaged teachers more often met recommended usage time in the online component of the program and made more gains in the blended learning program compared to students in neighboring classrooms.

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