RAPID: Measure Skill Development

Teachers and administrators can track student progress across all RAPID tasks. Student performance on each task is measured separately using a scale from 0 to 1000, providing educators with a consistent measure of performance throughout the year.


Student Progress

Teachers can track whether students have improved in key skill areas and determine if current instruction is having the desired impact. 

Reports on myLexia indicate students’ performance in comparison to normative, grade-level performance.

Teachers can monitor students’ skill development and progress at the individual and class levels.


Grade-Level Performance 

All students in a grade are represented in detailed Skill Development reports, allowing school or district administrators to review the distribution of students performing at, above, or below grade level averages. This provides an in-depth picture of grade-level performance across all tasks. 


School and District Performance

RAPID reports also display average performance on each task over time, within and across grades. This provides an additional way to identify areas of strength and need across school and districts.