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“LETRS explains the why and then gives you the how. I know I am meeting my students’ needs while using the suggested activities.”
Donna Walker, Teacher
"When we used the LETRS books as our curriculum (for Early Literacy I and II, at Blue Mountain College), the difference was astounding. Teachers were better prepared for the classroom, more grounded in the science of reading, and they had a higher pass rate on the Foundations of Reading assessment.”
Angela Rutherford, Director of the Center for Excellence in Literacy Instruction, University of Mississippi
“Our staff really bought into it. We took over a school that had been a D or F school for several years in a row. At the end of year two, we were a B-rated school.”
Brad Cox, Principal
“LETRS training helped to integrate the science of reading. Teachers have a reason and a system as to how to implement research-based strategies to build better readers. The use of LETRS helped us to keep balanced literacy at the forefront of our reading instruction.”
Shannon Whitehead, Principal
“I would tell [teachers] that this is the ultimate professional development, and all teachers, K–third grades, as well as principals, should participate. It is research-based and grounded in the science of reading. It makes an extraordinary difference in the reading instruction in schools.”
Emily Eaton, Principal
“LETRS helped to build the knowledge-base as to how children learn to read. In order to teach reading, we must understand the science of reading. LETRS gives research-based strategies to help teachers become better teachers and students to become better readers. We all become better. That’s our goal.”
Shannon Whitehead, Principal

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