Creating Successful Readers in Florida

Aligned with Florida's B.E.S.T. standards, Lexia Core5 Reading and Lexia PowerUp Literacy have helped thousands of students in Florida become successful readers and confident learners. We are looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ELA Adoption.


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Evidence-Based, Research-Proven:
Measuring Lexia’s Impact

Lexia programs are proven to improve learning outcomes required by federal mandates under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Lexia’s rigorous research portfolio of studies published over the past 15 years meets the highest levels of evidence under ESSA needed to evaluate instructional programs.

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Lexia Core5 Reading Progress Report: 2018/19 School Year Results



English Language Learners

Lexia Core5 Reading is research-proven to improve the reading performance of English Language Learners. Blending student-driven learning with teacher-led instruction, Core5 helps ELLs develop strong fundamental literacy skills.

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To speak to your representative about Lexia programs and how they integrate with your CIRP, contact:

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Cheryl McLaughlin

Robin Suter

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