English Learners

Lexia Core5 Reading provides a personalized, systematic approach to reading instruction that adapts each task based on individual student performance. The three-step instructional model supports the diverse learning needs of English Learners through scaffolding with immediate corrective feedback and direct instruction as needed.

Students learning English can hear instructions in six native languages—Spanish, Mandarin, Haitian-Creole, Arabic , Vietnamese, and Portuguese—and school-to-home letters are also available in these languages to promote family engagement.



Core5 Supports Diverse Learning Needs

Newcomer EL students with beginner-level language and reading skills:
  • Learn key comprehension strategies for both listening and reading

  • Develop phonological awareness and phonics skills that are integrated with oral language development

  • Leverage picture-based activities to build concrete and abstract academic vocabulary 

Students with proficient language skills but weak reading skills:
  • Develop sophisticated vocabulary and strong academic language

  • Read challenging narrative and expository texts to develop advanced comprehension strategies

  • Learn figurative language and word concepts such as idioms, similes, and metaphors


WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation

Lexia® Core5® Reading has been recognized by WIDA as satisfying all 44 criteria under the WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation for English Language Development Standards. This designation provides further credibility for Lexia’s research-proven instructional program, which is currently used by more than 2.6 million students, and has been shown to help EL students close the academic gap.

This correlation highlights the important ways in which Core5 helps language learners develop English literacy skills. Specific examples in the correlation note that Core5:

  • Builds academic language at the discourse, sentence, and word/phrase level

  • Connects language development standards to state academic content standards

  • Challenges all learners at all levels of language proficiency

  • Provides scaffolding supports for students to advance

WIDA PRIME 2 correlation Lexia Learning

Download the full Correlation


How Core5 Helps English Learners

Adaptive instructional model

The three-step instructional model (pictured below) provided scaffolded support with immediate corrective feedback and direct instruction as needed.

Teacher resources

Offline Instructional Materials promote automaticity and build oral language for students, and support teacher-led, small-group instruction.