Research Proven to Prepare Students for Success

Research Proven to Prepare Students for Success

  • Blended Learning
  • english language learners
  • Early Reading
  • Middle School
Computers in the Schools

First- and second-grade students in a low-income, urban school using Lexia Reading Core5 made significantly more progress than control students on the GRADE™ reading assessment.​


Customer Voice

"This program will enrich your academic instruction. It has helped me reinforce my blended learning program and enabled me to be more effective in my small group instruction. It even gives me lessons and materials to track the students' progress. If they are experiencing difficulties in an area, a lesson will be provided to you. If you want to have a more effective program, you must try Lexia."

—Angela Lewis, 99th Street Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

Bilingual Research Journal

ELL kindergarten students using Lexia Reading showed significantly greater gains than a control group on the GRADE™ reading assessment.


Customer Voice

"ELL students benefit from the interactive lessons as well as the necessary repetitions and auditory modeling provided in all the early lessons. The skills, real-time progress, and instructional strategies provide teachers with the necessary tools to target ELL students’ specific needs and allow students and teachers to celebrate success at different levels, not just at the benchmark or higher."

—Dr. Arsenio Romero, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Turnaround, Roswell Independent School District, NM

Journal of Research in Reading

Title I first-grade students using Lexia Reading made significantly greater gains than control students on the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test® and closed the gap with non-Title I students.

Customer Voice

"We started using Lexia with our Title I Reading students who were behind grade level of their peers. We have now been able to use Lexia with not only Title I students but students in Kindergarten and First Grade."

Angela Kamradt, Tolono Community Unit School District 7, IL

Reading Psychology

Preschool students and low performers in kindergarten using Lexia products made significantly greater gains than the control student group on the GRADE™ reading assessment.


Customer Voice

"What sets Lexia apart from other programs is its in-depth reports that are easy for teachers to access, interpret and, therefore, use to guide instruction. Tie that together with student-focused activities and lessons that allow students, including our English Learners, to be appropriately challenged and move at their own pace. It is head and shoulders above the rest!"

Catherine Daley, Principal, Sally Ride Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

European Journal of Special Needs Education

Struggling readers in middle school using Lexia Strategies made significant gains relative to a control group on the Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests of Achievement Reading Word Attack subtest. 

Customer's Voice

For upper-grade SpEd, we needed to find a program that would benefit and engage these kids in learning phonics and building their language arts/reading skills. It was a bit difficult to find a quality, consistent screener to identify the students' reading level and the skills that they were missing.  Lexia helped us target our kids' areas of weaknesses and address them with specific lessons and activities. Thanks to Lexia, our class is making significant gains."

—Jane Lee, Classroom Teacher, Mokulele Elementary School, HI

Explore Our Personal Learning Approach

Independent, Student-Driven Learning
Ongoing Data to Drive Instructional Priorities
Resources for Face-to-Face Instruction
Independent, Student-Driven Learning

Home: Independent, Student-Driven Learning

Students work independently and at their own pace to develop fundamental reading skills in a structured, sequential manner with a focus on:
  • Foundational skills to develop automaticity and fluency

  • Listening and reading comprehension with complex text

  • Academic and domain-specific vocabulary to improve comprehension


Ongoing Data to Drive Instructional Priorities

Home: Ongoing Data to Drive Instructional Priority

Student performance data is easy to access and simple to interpret. Educators can access reports via browser, iPad app, or iPhone app that help to:
  • Identify a well-defined instructional path for each student

  • Prioritize and group instruction 

  • Celebrate student success

Resources for Face-to-Face Instruction

Home: Resources for Face-to-Face Instruction

Teachers have the resources they need to provide face-to-face instruction and interventions
  • Skill-specific, step-by-step lessons for struggling students

  • Independent practice materials to develop automaticity and expressive skills for on-target students

  • Strategies and routines to structure individual and group activities for all students

Lexia Works With All Student Types and Situations
Multi-Tier Classroom Setting

Students receive student-driven and teacher-directed personalized learning through fun and engaging online activities. Based on student progress, the program prescribes the instructional intensity needed in order to increase each student’s likelihood of reaching end-of-year, grade-level benchmarks.

English Language Learners

Lexia Reading Core5 addresses the development of oral language, reading, spelling, and writing skills for English Language Learners. ELLs develop fundamental reading skills with the rest of their classmates and receive student-driven and teacher-directed personalized instruction.

Lexia Outside of the Classroom

Lexia Reading Core5 supports flexible implementation strategies that extend learning beyond the classroom and school day. Lexia licenses allow free access for students at home, as well is in extended day settings, community centers, and public libraries.


Lexia's system of personalized learning and Assessment Without Testing is uniquely suited to support Response to Intervention models. Data-driven action plans help teachers maximize their time by focusing attention where it is needed most.

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