Core5: Independent, Student-Driven Learning

Lexia® Core5® Reading enables at-risk, on-level, and advanced students to each work at their own pace in an engaging and motivating online experience. Students are automatically placed at the proper level and work independently to develop their skills in the six areas of reading. The program provides explicit, systematic, and adaptive learning, scaffolding students as they struggle and advancing them to higher levels as they demonstrate proficiency.

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Personalized Learning Paths

When students begin using Core5, they are automatically placed at the proper skill level. Each student moves at his or her own pace and can progress independently to higher levels. If the student struggles in a particular activity, the program provides a level of scaffolding, removing some of the answer choices and stimuli on the screen. Once the student demonstrates that they understand the skill in the scaffolded level, they have the opportunity to try the initial activity again. If the student continues to struggle, the program provides explicit instruction on the concepts and rules of the skill, allowing the student to demonstrate proficiency and then return to the scaffolded level and standard-level activities. If the student continues to struggle within the explicit instruction, the teacher is notified and provided with the data and resources for direct instruction on that particular sub-skill.


Try core5 student lessons

Engaging Interface for Self-Directed Learning

The Student Dashboard promotes awareness and ownership of performance and progress by enabling students and parents to track progress towards personalized goals. 

Here, students and parents can see how many minutes the student should use the program, their current usage progress, and the number of units the student has completed.  

In addition, the map shows students and parents the places the student has visited throughout the activities and highlights the yet-to-be-explored locations.


try core5 student lessons

Students move through the levels of the program where they are engaged and motivated by activities that take students on a journey around the world, visiting locations such as a Japanese Garden, the Great Barrier Reef, or the Swiss Alps. Each level of the program unlocks a new, exciting setting and introduces new characters that are representative of each region. Students' learning within the program is self-directed, as they decide which activities to complete as they work through the rigorous scope and sequence. 

Celebrate Student Success


Each time a student completes a level within Lexia Core5 Reading, the teacher is notified and can then access a customized Certificate of Achievement to recognize the student's accomplishment. The certificates, which can be printed and presented by the teacher or principal, help to keep students motivated by highlighting newly mastered skills using the “I can” statements to celebrate their new reading capabilities.

Additionally, Certificates of Achievement include an "At Home" section that includes ways to practice newly acquired skills at home and helps keep parents informed about the progress their child is making.