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Teachers need dedicated, just-in-time support to achieve success with new technology programs. This statement is supported by anecdotes from teachers like you, as well as by education professionals' responses to surveys such as this one, which was conducted in 2020 by global education technologies company Promethean World.

To gain insight into the role of technology in education today (especially given the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic), Promethean World surveyed 1,200 K–12 teachers. Here are some highlights of its report:

  • More than 80% of surveyed teachers said they believe they will be teaching with technology over the next decade.

  • Only 20% of respondents felt their schools were "very prepared to implement remote learning in response to COVID-19."

  • Slightly over 40% of survey participants reported that their schools have "the right IT, but not the processes in place."

Promethean World's findings echo those captured in a 2015 Samsung for Business report about teachers' use of technology. Of the K–12 teachers surveyed by Samsung for Business, 60% felt "inadequately prepared" to integrate technology into the classroom.

The message is clear: Although teachers expect to use technology in the classroom, they lack the training and support they need to do so.


How Lexia can help


With a Lexia Success Partnership, schools and districts can access the exact resources required to successfully support educators in implementing literacy technology and reading instruction.

Lexia Success Partnerships—which are available as an option for schools and districts using Lexia's personalized literacy programs—include a range of comprehensive and personalized options to maximize success for students, teachers, and administrators. In fact, research shows that students whose school districts invest in educator support are five times more likely to reach their end-of-year, grade-level benchmarks.

Moreover, Lexia's Success Partnerships help facilitate implementation fidelity, which has been shown to significantly boost outcomes at schools that could be considered "high-risk" (i.e., more than half of students are working on skills two or more years below grade level). The level of support offered with Lexia Success Partnerships can yield the most important return on investment: better student outcomes.

Why Lexia Success Partnerships?

The support delivered through Lexia's Success Partnerships is built around a central premise: Educators' success is Lexia's success. At Lexia, we understand the importance of providing not only the technology teachers need to boost student outcomes, but the training and support that educators are seeking.

Through Success Partnerships, Lexia's team of literacy experts collaborates with schools and districts to develop and monitor a personalized support plan that will ensure goals are achieved and outcomes are met.

Lexia Success Partnerships for Schools

Supporting teachers and site-based administrators directly through their school communities is a central feature of our Success Partnerships model.

Our Success Partnerships start with a personalized plan developed by an assigned Lexia Customer Success Manager who collaborates with a small team of school leaders. This plan is captured in a document that details the school's goals and expectations for program use by educators and students; the document is then used to monitor usage and progress data across the school year, with an eye toward maximizing the impact of Lexia's literacy technologies. In addition, Success Partnerships include direct professional learning for educators that is available in person, online, and asynchronously through Lexia® Academy.

This collaborative approach is customized, monitored, and adjusted throughout the school year to suit each school's goal-setting, progress-tracking, and support needs—and, ultimately, to optimize student outcomes.

Lexia Success Partnerships for Districts

Lexia's Success Partnerships ensure districts have the appropriate support to sustain long-term achievement over time. With a focus on helping districts reap the maximum return on their investment while building internal capacity, our team provides an assigned Success Manager to work directly on goal-setting and creating a customized, effective implementation and communication plan to keep all stakeholder groups informed of expectations, teacher engagement, and student progress.

To further tailor the partnership, districts have the option to select their desired level of support based on project size and complexity or number of students and teachers.

Lexia® Academy eLearning

Lexia's Success Partnerships include access to Lexia® Academy, which offers ongoing, on-demand professional eLearning for teachers in connection with Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®. With Lexia® Academy, teachers can access the support and information they need, when they need it.

Today's teachers will immediately recognize the best practices implemented across Lexia® Academy resources, including:

  • Multimodal learning models

  • Interactive content

  • Course completion certificates that indicate core competencies in specific areas

  • Digital badges that help educators keep tabs on the skills they are learning

Reach out to one of your Lexia administrators to find out if you have access to Lexia's Partnership resources.

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