"I started with Lexia back many years ago when it was still a computer disk. I have moved school many times and brought the idea of Lexia to all the schools I attend. It only get better and better as they refine the program."

—Sally-Lisa Preston-Haskins, TCWIA, VA


Here is what students in Stafford County Schools are saying about Lexia Reading

"I've noticed that I can read faster and I know more words."  

"It helps me with my tests and quizzes in Language Arts.  It changed my attitude and made me feel good because I hated failing in Language Arts."  

"My favorite part was seeing that I was not the only person having trouble with reading. It also helped me with my spelling." 


State Associations: 

Lexia is proud to partner with the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals.


State Funding

Each state manages funding in a different way. Check your state’s Department of Education website for more information.