“Knowing there's a strong correlation between M-STEP and Core5, we can rely on Lexia's progress monitoring data provided. For the first time, we had the ability to adjust our instruction based on real-time progress monitoring. If you want a program that will personalize learning for your students, individualize instruction and provide your teachers with the data to drive their instruction, then Lexia is a tool for you.”

—Kathleen Quain, Principal, Morton Elementary School, Michigan



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WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation
This report highlights the important ways in which Core5 helps language learners develop English literacy skills. Core5 has been recognized by WIDA as satisfying all 44 criteria
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Cause to Celebrate
I could hear the wild cheers spilling out of the classroom down the hall. It was electric! One might wonder what was this cause for celebration. I just smiled and carried on. I...
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