What Is PowerUp?  
Grades 6–12

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® is a computer-based program that adapts instruction to the specific needs of adolescent learners. The activities in PowerUp support and build on your school's English Language Arts curriculum, focusing on developing reading skills in three areas: word study, grammar, and comprehension.


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How PowerUp Works
  • Students begin at a point in each area of the program that is right for them based on the results of a brief set of placement activities.   
  • Each week student get a weekly goal of 25-45 minutes in each of the three areas of the program: Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension. This weekly goal decreases over time as students make progress.  
  • Progress and performance in the program are reported directly to teachers so that they can provide assistance when needed.   
  • Paper-and-pencil and hands-on activities are used for practicing and extending skills.


PowerUp uses a structured and systematic approach to filling in skill gaps for adolescent learners. The program is broken up into three main skill areas since students may have different needs in each:

  • Word Study—Students develop reading accuracy and fluency by focusing on sound and syllable patterns in words.  
  • Grammar—Students learn how written language works in order to improve their writing and reading comprehension. They learn how parts of speech function in sentences and how sentence parts convey meaning.  
  • Comprehension—Students learn skills & strategies to become independent and strategic readers. Passages include original and authentic texts of multiple genres including informational texts, narratives, drama, and poetry.  

The PowerUp Scope & Sequence has more detail of what is in each level of the program.


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