PowerUp: Teacher confidence and effectiveness

With the advent of more rigorous standards, literacy instruction is no longer just the English teacher’s job—It's everyone’s job.

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® empowers the teachers who are essential to student success in grades 6 and above with the progress-monitoring data, embedded instructional videos, and targeted resources they need to prioritize, plan, and deliver literacy instruction that is personalized to the needs of the individual student.

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Real-Time Progress Monitoring

Embedded progress monitoring, actionable data, and scripted lessons ensure teachers deliver the exact instruction each student needs.

The easy-to-access and simple-to-interpret reports in myLexia help teachers track:

  • Student usage of the program

  • Progress through the content

  • Skills acquired 

  • Areas of difficulty



Targeted Resources for Direct Instruction

Based on student performance in Lexia PowerUp Literacy, myLexia automatically recommends the following resources:

Lexia Lessons: Scripted materials that allow teachers to provide explicit, multi-sensory instruction in specific skill areas. Lexia Lessons are automatically recommended for students based on their performance in the online activities and can be flexibly delivered in a variety of ways.

Lexia Skill Builders: When a student successfully completes an online activity, a set of paper-and-pencil activities are provided to reinforce and extend learning. Lexia Skill Builders can be incorporated into classroom routines or used for home practice to build independence, increase automaticity, and expand expressive skills.



Embedded Instructional Videos

Lexia PowerUp Literacy has a library of engaging instructional videos to teach grammar concepts, elements of literary and informational texts, and comprehension strategies. Since there are over 120 unique initial placements in PowerUp, these mini-lessons help students better understand new concepts as they work through the rigorous scope and sequence.