Lexia Approved for Colorado READ Act

The Colorado Department of Education has named Lexia Reading Core5 as an approaved technology-based reading skills program for students of all reading abilities in grades pre-K–5, as well as an intervention resource for students with significant reading deficiencies.

"For teachers who direct their students to access Lexia for their prescribed amount of time, we have seen great growth. Lexia is easy to manage and a great progress monitoring tool. It has worked wonders in our district to provide the repetition that students need in order to become proficient in their individualized reading skills."
Leslie Gaiser, Instructional Specialist, Boulder Valley School District

School districts in Colorado that are already using Lexia Reading include:
Archdiocese of Denver, Bolder Valley SD RE-2, Brighton SD 27J, Jefferson County SD R-1, Mesa County Valley SD 51, Poudre SD R-1, Pueblo SD 70, St. Vrain Valley SD R-1-J, Steamboat Springs SD RE-2, Telluride SD R-1, Weld County SD RE-1 Gilcrest, Weld County SD RE-4 Windsor, Weld County SD RE-8 Ft Lupton


Lexia Resources

Guidelines for incorporating Lexia Reading Core5 into your application
Early Literacy Grant RFP guideline document
(If you have trouble downloading, use this link.)

Flyers and Brochures
Lexia Reading Core5 Flyer
Lexia Reading Core5 Scope and Sequence
Research brochure - Overview of Lexia's unparalleled efficacy research
Report Sampler - Overview of Lexia's Assessment Without Testing reporting features
Skills Overview Flyer - Overview of skills covered within the key areas of reading in Lexia Reading Core5

Pedagogy Papers - Lexia's instructional approach to the key areas of reading:
Phonological Awareness
Structural Analysis

Lexia Reading Core5 Activity Demonstrations:
Blending and Segmenting - Phonological Awareness, Kindergarten; Common Core State Standard: FS.K.2b
Sentence Structure - Comprehension, Grade 2; Common Core State Standards: FS.2.4a, FS.2.4c, RL.2.1
Passage Comprehension - Comprehension, Grade 5; Common Core State Standards: RL.5.10, RIT.5.10
Similes and Metaphores - Vocabulary, Grade 2; Common Core State Standard: L.2.4a
Shades of Meaning - Vocabulary, Grade 5; Common Core State Standard: L.5.5c
Silent "e" Recognition - Phonics, Grade 1; Common Core State Standard: FS.1.3c
Greek Combining Forms - Structural Analysis, Grade 5; Common Core State Standard: FS.5.3a
Sight Words - Fluency, Grade 1; Common Core State Standards: FS.1.3g, L.1.2d
Reward Animations - Watch an example of the brief reward animations that occur as a student completes an activity.
Intro Animations - Watch several introductory scenes, shown the first time a student begins a new level.