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Validity Report for Lexia Reading Core5® with NWEA™ MAP®

Lexia Reading Core5 performance measures are shown to be valid indicators of reading ability based on comparisons with RIT scaled scores from the Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).  Significant correlations are found between Core5 performance measures and MAP RIT scores at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  In addition, On Target Predictor scores from Core5 can be used to predict proficiency on the MAP assessment.  These findings indicate that Core5 can serve not only as an instruction program but as a key component in a school's literacy assessment.

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Every Minute Counts: Meeting Usage Targets in Core5

Some Risk and High Risk students are much more likely to reach their end-of-year (EOY), grade-level benchmark in Core5 when they consistently meet their usage targets.  For students who showed strong usage (i.e., met their targets 75-100% of weeks of use), 55% reached their EOY, grade-level benchmark.  In contrast, only 2% with weak usage reached their EOY, grade-level benchmark.


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Computers in the Schools (2015)

This study demonstrates the benefits of a blended learning approach to reading instruction using Lexia Reading Core5 for first- and second-grade students from a low-income urban school in western Massachusetts.  

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