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Teacher Engagement in a Blended Learning Program and the Impact on Student Reading Gains

This study focused on teacher engagement and the impact of engagement on fidelity of implementation of a blended learning literacy program.  The study found students of engaged teachers more often met recommended usage time in the online component of the program and made more gains in the blended learning program compared to students in neighboring classrooms.

Computers in the Schools (2015)

This study demonstrates the benefits of a blended learning approach to reading instruction using Lexia Reading Core5 for first- and second-grade students from a low-income urban school in western Massachusetts.  

Bilingual Research Journal (2011)

This study demonstrates that Lexia Reading supports English Language Learners in acquiring fundamental literacy skills. The study was conducted in Kindergarten classes using a bilingual education model in a rural Texas district.

Reading Psychology (2008, 2011)

These three studies show that Lexia Reading improves early literacy skills when used in conjunction with classroom reading instruction.  The studies were conducted in an urban Massachusetts school district.

Perspectives on Language and Literacy (2007)

This published article highlights the importance of strong implementation of computer-based instruction to support reading gains and discusses how to address implementation challenges in classroom settings.