Kansas Reading Initiative (KRI)

The State of Kansas has established a two-year pilot program for improving reading outcomes using educational technology and has chosen to implement Lexia Reading Core5™ based on a review of stringent requirements. There is no cost to the schools chosen to participate in the pilot program as long as they meet minimum usage requirements. Lexia’s technology-based reading approach is currently used by approximately 20% of elementary schools throughout the state. 

Read about the success KRI schools have seen thus far – click here for the end-of-year report

About Lexia Reading Core5
Lexia Reading Core5 provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test.  Designed specifically to meet the Common Core and the most rigorous state standards, this research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.

Lexia is research-proven
Lexia’s instructional approach has been nationally recognized and proven effective in six peer-reviewed, research-based outcomes studies published in scientific journals such as The Journal of Reading Research and the Bilingual Research Journal. These published reports serve as third-party validation of Lexia’s efficacy research. (View Lexia's research brochure.) The program is also a four-time winner of the District Administration magazine Reader’s Choice Top 100 Products Award.

Lexia helps Kansas students develop foundational reading skills
In an analysis of all Kansas students identified as high risk in October, 2012, 68% of these students reached their grade level benchmarks in June when using the program with fidelity.

In an analysis examining progress in Lexia Reading for all Kansas students in grades 1-3 using the program with fidelity, 43% of students started the school year working on skills below their grade level.  By June, that number decreased to 2%.

Participate in the Kansas Reading Initiative
Educational Design Solutions (EDS), a Kansas company, will support the implementation of this program statewide. Schools can participate in the program at no cost and schools already using Lexia can expand their licenses to school-wide access, provided they agree to standards of fidelity of implementation. Schools interested in participating in the Kansas Reading Initiative may contact EDS representatives at 913-484-5889 or 785-554-3505.  Online application form is available here: www.educationaldesignsolutions.com/apply-for-kri/.  




Use these resources to take a deeper dive into the content of Lexia Reading Core5 and its additional resources, including student activity demos, pedagogy overviews, teacher resoures, and setup materials.  Contact your representative if you have any questions.

Introduction to Lexia Reading Core5

Lexia Reading Core5 Video Demonstration
Lexia Reading Core5 Flyer

Examples of Lexia Reading Core5 Student Activities

Phonological Awareness:

Blending and Segmenting - Phonological Awareness, Kindergarten; Common Core State Standard: FS.K.2b


Silent "e" Recognition - Phonics, Grade 1; Common Core State Standard: FS.1.3c

Structural Analysis:

Greek Combining Forms - Structural Analysis, Grade 5; Common Core State Standard: FS.5.3a


Similes and Metaphores - Vocabulary, Grade 2; Common Core State Standard: L.2.4a
Shades of Meaning - Vocabulary, Grade 5; Common Core State Standard: L.5.5c


Sight Words - Fluency, Grade 1; Common Core State Standards: FS.1.3g, L.1.2d


Sentence Structure - Comprehension, Grade 2; Common Core State Standards: FS.2.4a, FS.2.4c, RL.2.1
Passage Comprehension - Comprehension, Grade 5; Common Core State Standards: RL.5.10, RIT.5.10


Reward Animations - Watch an example of the brief reward animations that occur as a student completes an activity.
Intro Animations - Watch several introductory scenes, shown the first time a student begins a new level.


Assessment Without Testing

Report Sampler - Overview of Lexia's Assessment Without Testing reporting features


Pedagogy/Scope and Sequence

Skills Overview Flyer - Overview of skills covered within the key areas of reading in Lexia Reading Core5
Lexia Reading Core5 Scope and Sequence - Explanation of the six areas of reading covered in Lexia Reading Core5
Research brochure - Overview of Lexia's unparalleled efficacy research

Pedagogy Papers - Lexia's instructional approach to the key areas of reading:
Phonological Awareness
Structural Analysis

Lexia Reading Core5 Teacher Resources – Examples of the personalized, printable resources

Lexia Lessons® are structured, skill-specific instructional materials that provide step-by-step strategies for teachers or paraprofessionals to address each student’s skill-gaps.  
Lexia Lesson: Comprehension - Picturing Details
Lexia Lesson: Structural Analysis - Prefixes
Lexia Lesson: Vocabulary - Antonyms

Skill Builders® are paper-and-pencil activities to develop automaticity once a student completes a level in the program
Skill Builder: Comprehension - Picturing Stories
Skill Builder: Vocabulary - Similes and Metaphors
Skill Builder: Comprehension - Passage Comprehension
Skill Builder: Structural Analysis - Greek Combining Forms


Lexia Reading Core5 Setup and Training

System Requirements
Teacher Training Guide