Support for Educators

No matter where learning and instruction occur, you are at the heart of student success. We want to make sure that you have the resources you need to effectively maintain your students’ continuity of learning whether instruction happens in-person, at a distance, or in a combination of learning models. 

Here are some key resources to help you support the successful implementation of Lexia® products.

Our Customer Success team is hosting a series of 45-minute webinars to support educators with their understanding of the student programs, the blended learning model and supporting home use - Register here to join us!

Quick Start

Sharing Login Information with Families

Please provide parents or guardians with the following:

Direct Login

  • The email address of a staff member who has an account in the myLexia® administrator dashboard (this is used to connect the program to your school's account).
  • The student's username and password. It may help to print login cards from myLexia so that you can send them home with students or email them to families. Go to the Manage Tab (in myLexia), click the box to the left of the class name, and select the Print Login Cards button at the bottom.
  • Another way to share login information is using Home Use Letters available in multiple languages:  For Core5 Home Use Letters in additional languages, visit > Resources > Core5 Resources Hub > School-to-Home

School Portal/LMS Single Sign On

For technical support while using the program at home, families can contact Lexia Customer Support. Please note that Lexia Customer Support is not able to provide parents with student usernames or passwords, or teacher emails.

Expanding Use: Rostering and Access

In some cases, sites will be rostering new or additional students at this time. If you are not the member of the team that oversees account provisioning for Lexia, the best course of action is to reach out to the person or department that typically rosters accounts, and let them know that you will be expanding use.

If you oversee the provisioning of Lexia accounts, we strongly recommend that you continue to use the same method for rostering accounts that you have up to this point to limit the disruption to staff and students. You will likely use one of the following methods:

Manual Account Creation

  • Administrators can individually create each student, class, and staff account in myLexia. (click here)
  • Administrators can import spreadsheets to create staff and student accounts. (click here)

Note: Any staff member with a Teacher access role can create students and add them to a class. (click here)

Automated Provisioning Options 
Your school or district may already be using automated provisioning and/or Single Sign On (SSO) for students, which could impact the ability to manually create student accounts. More information about automated provisioning is found on the Rostering page in our Help Center. If you already use automated provisioning and are unsure how best to add new student accounts, Lexia Support is happy to discuss what alterations you will need to make.

NOTE: If you do not already use automated imports, Lexia does not recommend changing your provisioning method for this purpose. The reason is that a standard transition to automated imports can take 2-3 weeks, and we expect this timeframe to be extended during this time. In order to ensure students are able to quickly get started, if your district is not already using automated imports, it is best to forgo switching to automated imports at this time.

eLearning for Educators with Lexia® Academy

Lexia Academy is an eLearning platform that supports your professional development with meaningful and relevant learning opportunities. You can explore courses that provide best practices for implementing Lexia products and for literacy instruction in general. You can then apply the concepts and ideas to your own instructional plan in order to better support your students.

Click here for more information about Lexia Academy and Lexia's Success Partnership offerings. This page will guide you through the necessary steps to log in and access the courses.

Accessing and Sharing Program Resources

Accessing Program Resources

Sharing Program Resources

  • Consider sharing resource pages developed to support families in guiding remote learning:
  • Consider sharing some of the following with families as a packet or via your learning management system. 
    • Visit > Resources for
      • Core5 Lexia Skill Builders, Lexia Connections, and Lexia Lessons 
      • PowerUp Lexia Skill Builders and Lexia Lessons
    • You may choose to share these resources with families in the following ways:
      • Download PDFs from myLexia and email to families
      • Download PDFs from myLexia and share as assignments or class resources via your school’s Learning Management System (LMS) and/or using Google Classroom
      • Print packets to send or mail home
      • Direct families to Lexia’s At-Home Resources Hub to view and download materials, and provide recommendations to families as appropriate.
    • Following are a few considerations and suggestions when sharing these materials:
      • Lexia Skill Builders and Lexia Connections can be excellent resources for families. Consider sharing answer keys along with Skill Builders.
      • If it is expected that families will be delivering Lexia Lessons to support progress in online activities, educators should provide specific Lexia Lesson recommendations directly to families. 
      • If home printing is limited or unavailable consider the following:
        • Lexia Skill Builders: Digital versions of Skill Builders are available on the Resources Hub. Alternatively, students can write the answers to many questions in a notebook, or use a PDF annotation tool to complete many of the Skill Builders electronically.
        • Lexia Lessons: Most Lexia Lessons can be delivered without printing the PDF. Often, the reproducible materials that accompany the lesson can be created by hand or viewed electronically. In addition, the Core5 Phonics Lessons are available as Google slide decks on the Resources Hub.
    • Additional supplemental resources can be also be shared with families and include the following:
      • Visit > Resources > Core5 Resources Hub > Support for Instruction  for: 
      • Core5 Flash Cards
      • Lexia Close Reads for Core5
      • Printable Core5 Comprehension & Fluency Passages
      • Core5 Writing Prompt Pack
    • Visit > Resources > PowerUp Resources Hub > Classroom Resources for:
      • Printable PowerUp Comprehension Passages
    • Visit > Resources > PowerUp Resources Hub > Support for Instruction for: 
      • PowerUp Writing Prompt Pack
  • Families can reinforce literacy skills at home by reading with their children, encouraging independent reading, and by using the following resources that can be downloaded and emailed to families: Core5 At-Home Activity Sheet (English) and Core5 At-Home Activity Sheet (Spanish)
  • For extended periods of home use, consider whether you will be delivering Lexia Lessons virtually and/or provide the documents to parents or guardians to assist with learning. Most Lexia Lessons are scripted and require minimal materials to be delivered. 
  • Families may also find some of these additional Lexia resources helpful for practice at home: 

Monitoring Progress and Supporting Families

  • You can log in to using a supported browser or the myLexia mobile app to monitor student progress. 
    • We recommend that you log in at least once a week to check the Class Action Plan and, if possible, follow up with families as needed to support students.
    • You may choose to communicate updates about usage and progress with families via email and may consider downloading and sharing recommended Lexia Lessons with parents or guardians for instruction to be done at home.


Need more help? 
Contact our Support Team, or click the Chat icon in the upper right-hand corner of myLexia. Support is available weekdays, 8 AM to 6 PM EST.

Important note about home access: To protect the privacy and security of students, Lexia Learning representatives do not share login credentials with anyone who is not a staff member with a myLexia account. Schools must provide usernames, passwords, and teacher emails to parents and guardians if they wish to have students access the program remotely. If parents contact Lexia Customer Support to request this information, they will be directed to contact their school, and our Customer Support will assist the school staff member as needed to address any request.

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