Efficacy Results

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Helping Students Meet Grade-Level Expectations and Close the Gap 

Lexia examined the performance of more than 210,000 students across the country who met their usage goals using Lexia Reading Core5.

  • Of the 45,000 students who were classified as high risk, three-quarters gained at least two years of grade-level skills and half of those students gained three years of skills in just one year.

  • One-third of students classified as on target gained more than two years of grade-level skills, completing their current grade-level in Lexia Reading Core5 and advancing through the entire next grade-level of material. 

  • These gains were not just limited to Lexia’s own instructional benchmarks. Their success translated into improved performance in other common assessments such as aimsweb, DIBELS Next, MAP, and STAR. 

Among students who placed more than two years behind grade-level in Lexia Core5 (defined as high-risk), 76% of those students who used the program as designed gained at least two grade-levels of skills in one year. 

Over one-third of students who began the year in grade-level materials completed their current grade level in Lexia Reading Core5 and advanced through the entire next grade level, gaining two years of reading skills in one year.