Rigorous Pedagogy

The National Reading Panel

All of Lexia’s products are designed according to the latest scientific findings in education in addition to recommendations on the best approach to reading instruction from The National Reading Panel. The National Reading Panel (NRP) was formed in 1997 at the request of Congress with the aim of assessing the effectiveness of different approaches used to teach children to read. Based on these recommendations, Lexia incorporates the following into our pedagogical approach to reading:

  • Explicit instruction in phonemic awareness
  • Systematic phonics instruction
  • Methods to improve fluency
  • Ways to enhance comprehension

Personalized Learning

Lexia products are centered on a personalized approach to learning that gives students more control over the time, place, path, and pace of their learning.  To some, the term "personalized learning" is simply the incorporation of technology to give students more control over their educational experience.  Technology can be a key component of a personalized learning approach, but it cannot stand alone.  

Lexia believes personalized learning is a combination of effective instruction combined with an interactive, user-centric experience that supports the varying cognitive abilities of all students. With Lexia, teachers can see detailed, real-time reports that help prioritize and adapt instruction, allowing students to develop reading skills at their own pace.

Structured and Systematic

What differentiates Lexia products from many ed-tech games or test prep programs is the incorporation of a structured and systematic approach to instruction.  In Lexia products, how the curriculum is developed, how tasks are designed, and how students progress through the program are based on a structured and sequential approach that builds upon prior learning in a sequential manner from simple to complex, ultimately reducing dependency on the teacher and transitioning responsibility to the student.