“​After only a year and a half of using Core5, our PSSA (Pennsylvania System School Assessment) scores rose 14%, and our SPP (School Performance Profile) score went up 10 points.​”

—Jacqueline Wapinsky, Principal, Holtzman Elementary School, Susquehanna Township School District, PA

State Resources

WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation
This report highlights the important ways in which Core5 helps language learners develop English literacy skills. Core5 has been recognized by WIDA as satisfying all 44 criteria
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A Guide to Equity in the Classroom For Pennsylvania Educators

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Preview PowerUp Lessons

Learn how Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® prepares students in grades 6 and above to read increasingly complex texts proficiently and confidently through online instruction and practice in Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension.

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Lexia Core5 Reading: A Sneak Preview

In this version of Lexia® Core5® Reading, you will have the limited access to three levels of the program: beginning-mid kindergarten, beginning grade 2, and beginning grade 5. Each of these levels lets you try various activities that provide personalized learning in the five areas of reading pertaining to that skill level.

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