“We've seen great success with Lexia, particularly on our key initiatives such as differentiation, small-group instruction, and Response to Intervention.”

—Margaret Adams, Director of Balanced Literacy and Title I, Malden Public Schools 


State Funding

Each state manages funding in a different way. Check your state’s Department of Education website for more information.


State Resources

A few times each year, Lexia Learning holds a two-week usage contest for classrooms whose students are using Lexia Reading Core5®. The prize is a class pizza party and my students...
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The Impact of Literacy
I think that literacy is life and death and I am only slightly exaggerating. I cannot tell you how many students I have seen in my lifetime who struggle in school. I feel like it...
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Carry Over
When a child completes a level in Lexia, we have a huge celebration! Some children are able to fly through levels, for others it takes a little longer. When a child who has been...
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