“Lexia® Core5® Reading is a powerhouse—truly one of the best, most useful and high-impact technology-based literacy programs that our school has ever used. We love that the program’s instruction is explicit and systematic. Our teachers find the data very helpful for daily monitoring of student progress as well as for teacher/parent conferences. It's an investment that has produced significant gains in student literacy skills and teacher effectiveness.”

—Literacy Facilitator, Boston Renaissance Charter School



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WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation
This report highlights the important ways in which Core5 helps language learners develop English literacy skills. Core5 has been recognized by WIDA as satisfying all 44 criteria
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The Impact of Literacy
I think that literacy is life and death and I am only slightly exaggerating. I cannot tell you how many students I have seen in my lifetime who struggle in school. I feel like it...
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A few times each year, Lexia Learning holds a two-week usage contest for classrooms whose students are using Lexia® Core5® Reading. The prize is a class pizza party and my...
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Carry Over
When a child completes a level in Lexia, we have a huge celebration! Some children are able to fly through levels, for others it takes a little longer. When a child who has been...
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Lexia Core5 Reading: A Sneak Preview

In this version of Lexia® Core5® Reading, you will have the limited access to three levels of the program: beginning-mid kindergarten, beginning grade 2, and beginning grade 5. Each of these levels lets you try various activities that provide personalized learning in the five areas of reading pertaining to that skill level.

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