“Lexia® Core5® Reading engages students, helping them become self-motivated and self-driven—even setting their own goals. In addition, they can recognize and are proud of their growth as they move through the grade levels in Core5. They love showing you what country they are visiting, as they travel the world with Lexia.”

—Anne Marie Sanchez, Director of Elementary Education, Thompson School District, Colorado

State Resources

Colorado League of Charter Schools
The Colorado League of Charter Schools (The League) is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to supporting the charter schools in the state. The League is committed to...
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Parents Play Valuable Role
Since students can log into Lexia Reading Core5® anywhere that there is an internet connection, there are many ways parents can extend their children’s learning outside the...
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Core5 on the Go!
I have a second-grade student who started my class this year knowing only seventeen basic letter sounds. Within two months, he knew all twenty-six letter sounds and some letter...
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Lexia Inspires
I love that Lexia personally meets children at their level, targets their needs from phonics to comprehension and challenges them, but continually gives reinforcements and praise...
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Comfortable and Confident
I have a student that has social, emotional and attention struggles. Therefore, it is a challenge to get him to work on an activity for more than a few minutes. He also lacks self...
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