"What sets Lexia apart from other programs is its in-depth reports that are easy for teachers to access, interpret, and therefore use to guide instruction. Tie that together with student-focused activities and lessons that allow students, including our English Learners, to be appropriately challenged and move at their own pace. It is head and shoulders above the rest!"

Catherine Daley, Principal, Sally Ride Elementary School, LAUSD


State Funding

Each state manages funding in a different way.  Check your state’s Department of Education website for more information.


State Resources

Pride Becomes Contagious
For many children, life poses serious challenges. Learning takes a back seat and often, these children feel defeated before they begin. My colleagues and I understand this, but it...
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Gaining Independence
The greatest impact Core5 has had in my classroom is the independence it has given my students. They are able to quickly learn how the program works, monitor their progress, and...
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To Try and to Accomplish
I have many stories, but just today my student from Thailand passed another goal and he was incredibly proud of his accomplishment. California
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