"What sets Lexia apart from other programs is its in-depth reports that are easy for teachers to access, interpret, and therefore use to guide instruction. Tie that together with student-focused activities and lessons that allow students, including our English Learners, to be appropriately challenged and move at their own pace. It is head and shoulders above the rest!"

Catherine Daley, Principal, Sally Ride Elementary School, LAUSD


Encouraged by Significant Literacy Gains by Students, Four Southern California Districts Expand Use of Lexia Reading Core5 Program 

Jim Feffer, principal at Two Bunch Palms Elementary School, part of Palm Springs USD, began piloting Lexia Reading Core5 one year ago with his school’s special education students.  After finding that the students were making notable gains, he quickly made the decision to expand the program to students of all abilities, schoolwide. “What makes Lexia such a strong program is that it supports our initiatives for differentiated learning, small group instruction, Response to Intervention and data-driven instruction.  The reporting and feedback given to our teachers is a very high quality and helps them to maximize the potential of every one of their students on a continuous basis.”      

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