"As a result of Lexia® Core5® Reading helping to identify and address students' foundational literacy skill gaps, we were able to triple the number of students working in or above grade level in Core5 within one year.”

Dayna Shanahan, Implementation Specialist, Vista Unified School District, California

State Resources

California State Progress Report
Read the 2017–2018 school year results for over 187,000 K–5 students who used Lexia in 1,508 schools across Central and Northern California and Los Angeles County.
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Gaining Independence
The greatest impact Core5 has had in my classroom is the independence it has given my students. They are able to quickly learn how the program works, monitor their progress, and...
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Pride Becomes Contagious
For many children, life poses serious challenges. Learning takes a back seat and often, these children feel defeated before they begin. My colleagues and I understand this, but it...
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To Try and to Accomplish
I have many stories, but just today my student from Thailand passed another goal and he was incredibly proud of his accomplishment. California
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Lexia Core5 Reading: A Sneak Preview

In this version of Lexia® Core5® Reading, you will have the limited access to three levels of the student program: beginning-mid kindergarten, beginning grade 2, and beginning grade 5. Each of these levels lets you try various activities that provide personalized learning in the five areas of reading pertaining to that skill level.

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