"I have seen remarkable progress in my students this year as a direct result of Lexia. In a world where teachers are asked to do more with less, Lexia provides a quick, systematic and effective resource for teachers to use. When my students are on the program, I can quickly monitor their progress, narrow down what skills need to be re-taught, and reward them for their growth in reading.”

—April Thrower, Newton Elementary, Alabama


Students Across Alabama Improve Foundational Reading Skills with Lexia Reading 

In Birmingham City Schools, Paula Henderson, a teacher at Minor Elementary, offered, “I teach academically challenged children and it is sometimes difficult to get them motivated because they have been conditioned to fail and so their attitude is, ‘why bother?’  With Lexia, the students are pushing each other to excel and the carry-over to other subjects is amazing.  At EIP meetings, I am able to show parents real data that indicates their child’s unique strengths and struggles.”  

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State Associations: CASE, Alabama


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