The Right Way to Go

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"Her guardian was adamant, “She’s way behind. She’s not reading. I don’t think she’s ready for third grade.” I understood her concern. In the past, I may have even agreed, but now that we had Lexia® Core5® Reading, I knew we had a solution. All I needed was the guardian’s trust.

I told her, “We’ve acquired a powerful online literacy program that I know will meet this child’s needs. It’s called Core5 and she can use it at school and at home. If you will commit to getting her onto the program at home, we will do that here in the classroom. We’re going to get her where she needs to be.” The guardian said, “OK, I’ll trust you and we’ll give it a try.” She was doubtful, but willing. By the end of the school year, the girl had reached her goal and made amazing literacy gains.

The guardian stopped by my office to say, 'Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. This really works. I can’t thank you enough for convincing me that Lexia was the right way to go.'"

-Heidi Busk
Morgen Owings Elementary School
Chelan, Washington

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