PowerUp Gives Students a Sense of Independence

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I have a student who has experienced a lot of disruptions in his education and his life in general. Because of this, he struggles a lot with behavior, and for him to attend a lesson is very difficult. He often walks out of class, or when in class, always needs one-on-one support—and many times that is not enough.

While he is frequently unable to focus on lessons in class, he can engage with the literacy program, Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®, because it is something he can work on independently. PowerUp, a technology-based literacy program for non-proficient adolescent readers, allows him to choose the activities that he will work on and this gives him a sense of control over his learning. As he’s using the program, I can see from a distance that he’s on task. That is a victory for me as a teacher—to see a struggling student engage in learning in a way that he often cannot.

-Steven Benjamin
Sixth-grade Humanities and Special Education Teacher
Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School
Boston Public School District
Boston, MA

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