Middle School Struggling Readers Gain Confidence Through Adaptive, Personalized Program

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My middle school struggling readers just want to be like everybody else: They want to do better in their classes, to be confident in learning skills, and to be able to read and write like their classmates do. 

We were looking for a reading program to help us support these students, and found Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®. I am amazed at the depth of the curriculum: It covers everything from reflexive pronouns and participles to argumentative evidence. Students love that they can choose which skills to work on each day, as well as the interactive elements and catchy music videos. There’s always something new that keeps them engaged.

I’ve been teaching reading and English for 21 years, and for kids to be successful, they have to be willing to put in the work. They have to trust the process and trust the program—I believe they trust PowerUp. I have not heard any of them say “this is dumb.” Not once. That’s amazing in itself.

They have done such an exceptional job with perseverance and working hard in the program this year. They care about wanting to be better and do better. That’s all I can ask—that they do their best and want more for themselves—and we are seeing the results. PowerUp is an excellent program.

-Barbara Witthuhn
Reading Intervention Teacher
Shawano Middle School
Shawano, WI

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