The Impact of Literacy

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I think that literacy is life or death and I am only slightly exaggerating. I cannot tell you how many students I have seen in my lifetime who struggle in school. I feel like it almost always goes back to their literacy abilities. When students continually strive and fail, they come to see themselves as the “bad kids” and avoid taking academic risks.

I’ve also seen kids who’ve received the reading instruction and support they needed and they’ve completely changed. Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® is a technology-based literacy program for adolescents that is working for my students by teaching them foundational literacy skills at a pace and level that is right for each of them. They are becoming leaders, are more successful in the classroom, and are excited about making progress. To influence this kind of change for students is why I became a teacher and why I will continue to use PowerUp.


-Steven Benjamin
Sixth-grade Humanities and Special Education Teacher
Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School
Boston Public School District
Boston, MA

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