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A few times each year, Lexia Learning holds a two-week usage contest for classrooms whose students are using Lexia® Core5® Reading. The prize is a class pizza party and my students were determined to win. After the first week, we were in seventh place. I told them if they really wanted to win, they had to go beyond what they had done in week one.

Each day the kids came in and cheered each other on as they came closer to beating their goals. During the final week, we had a snow day, which would normally mean a day of rest. However, out of the 22 students in my class, 11 students logged on to Core5 to try to win the competition.

There was almost a week of waiting before I found out the results. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the congratulations letter. When I shared the letter with the class, the kids went crazy. Being in New England—Patriots’ country, we made analogies that we had just won the Super Bowl. Just like our favorite football team, we came from behind, were determined to win, set our goals and worked as a team to achieve!

-Amy Naples
Henry P. Clough Elementary School

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