Core5 on the Go!

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I have a second-grade student who started my class this year knowing only seventeen basic letter sounds. Within two months, he knew all twenty-six letter sounds and some letter combinations. I give tremendous credit to Lexia® Core5® Reading for this growth. 

His mother is excited about his recent accomplishments. To support her son, she accesses Core5 on her iPad® so he can use it outside of school. He loves the program and even uses it when they’re waiting for various appointments or in the car running errands. 

This student is making significant progress and feels like he’s a part of the class now. His classmates are noticing his improvement as well. He’s able to participate in writing exercises, and fellow students are patting him on the back, cheering him on. I hear him encouraging himself saying, “I can do this!” As a teacher, that’s pretty rewarding.


-Gracee Liggett
Second-grade Teacher and Instructional Coach Pre-K–3
Imagine Classical Academy
Falcon School District 49

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