Core5 Brings Smiles to Summer School Students

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Say the words “summer school,” and picture the faces of the students told to attend, and what images come to mind? Typically, one would expect to see students who are downhearted and disengaged.

This past summer, I coordinated summer school where students were using Lexia® Core5® Reading to improve their literacy skills. Every week, I would print out Core5 certificates of accomplishment to celebrate their success as they completed Core5 levels.

I’ll never forget the looks on the students’ faces when, one-by-one, they came up to receive their certificates with teachers and fellow students cheering them on. These students felt successful and were eager to continue learning. Their smiles said it all. It was remarkable, and it was like that in every single classroom.

-Melinda Gonzalez
Reading Interventionist Specialist and Summer School Coordinator
Sea View Elementary School
Coachella Valley Unified School District

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