Cause to Celebrate

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"I could hear the wild cheers spilling out of the classroom down the hall. It was electric! One might wonder what was this cause for celebration. I just smiled and carried on. I knew. It was Lexia® Core5® Reading—our technology-based literacy program for grades pre-K–5.

Celebration is an integral part of Core5. It serves to acknowledge students for their efforts and achievements and motivates them to work even harder. Students who pass “levels” in Core5 receive Lexia certificates presented by their teachers with great ceremony. One might think this would create competition, but for our students, it inspires collaboration and support of one another. Students are just as excited for their classmates as themselves often coming to tell me, “So and so passed a level! So and so passed a level!” Collaboration and achievement—now that’s something to celebrate."

-Holly Rivest
CLK Elementary School
Calumet, MI

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