"That Can't Be"

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Our district was using Lexia® Core5® Reading and the program identified some of our advanced readers as having ‘holes’ [skill gaps]. Our administrators said, “That can’t be. It’s wrong,” but we discovered that Core5 was right. Because the program identified holes that had previously gone unnoticed, we were able to address holes immediately using the program’s resources. 

I believe it’s a gift to have an online literacy program that adapts to all students’ individual skill levels, provides actionable data showing where students struggle and why, and offers scripted online lessons to help teachers deliver targeted instruction. We began slowly, only using Core5 in grades K–2, but we soon expanded to our entire student body. 

A few weeks before we released it to our fourth and fifth-grade classes, teachers were emailing me asking what day it would start and if they could start early! They were really excited because they knew that Core5’s data would give them the insight they needed to truly help their kids

-Jan Eckola
Assistant Superintendent
Lake Geneva Joint School District 1

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