Building Confidence

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One of my students began the school year with an awareness of her inability to read. This made her reluctant to participate in any classroom exercises that involved reading. Traditional intervention did not alleviate her inhibitions, as it still required group participation. Lexia® Core5® Reading offered her the perfect solution! It provided her with an engaging online reading program that not only challenged her, but allowed her to work independently and progress at her own pace.

When I first met this young student, she was quiet, shy and always hesitant to read aloud, even in a small group setting. As she progressed through the many levels of Core 5, and as her confidence in her reading ability increased, so too did her willingness to participate in group read-alouds and other activities similar in nature. Once, I questioned her as to how she felt about Core5. Her response was “I love it! It helps me learn and makes me feel good, especially when I finish a level.” Today she is a happy, bubbly, self-assured little girl who easily engages with her peers, often as a role model to those who may need a little extra help themselves!

-Carol Sullivan
Reading Specialist
Henry P. Clough Elementary School

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