Amazing Gains for 5th-grade ELL Students

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As an ELL (English Language Learner) teacher, I am a huge proponent of Lexia® Core5® Reading. My fifth-grade students have made amazing literacy gains thanks to this program. I want them to be able to see everything they have accomplished and I find sharing their individual Core5 progress-monitoring data reports with them is very valuable.

As we look at their reports together, I point out their growth. “Look at the progress that you’re making. Earlier in the year, you were reading at a beginning first-grade level and now, you’re reading almost at a fourth-grade level. Wow, I am impressed. I’m extremely proud of you! Have you noticed yourself that you are a good reader?”

Core5 gives students the ability to track their own progress and the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with classmates and family. Through this program, students are not only learning to read, but are learning to believe in themselves as well.

-Griselda Silva-Corrujedo
Fifth-grade ELL Teacher
Horizon Heights Elementary School
Soccoro Independent School District

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