Snapshots to Success

Parents Play Valuable Role
Since students can log into Lexia Reading Core5® anywhere that there is an internet connection, there are many ways parents can extend their children’s learning outside the...
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The Impact of Literacy
I think that literacy is life and death and I am only slightly exaggerating. I cannot tell you how many students I have seen in my lifetime who struggle in school. I feel like it...
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Core5 on the Go!
I have a second-grade student who started my class this year knowing only seventeen basic letter sounds. Within two months, he knew all twenty-six letter sounds and some letter...
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Amazing Gains for 5th-grade ELL Students
As an ELL (English Language Learner) teacher, I am a huge proponent of Lexia® Core5® Reading. My fifth-grade students have made amazing literacy gains thanks to this program. I...
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"That Can't Be"
Our district was using Lexia® Core5® Reading and the program identified some of our advanced readers as having ‘holes’ [skill gaps]. Our administrators said, “That can’t be. It’s...
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Gaining Independence
The greatest impact Core5 has had in my classroom is the independence it has given my students. They are able to quickly learn how the program works, monitor their progress, and...
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