River Valley Middle School Caledonia, OH

DOwnload Case Study

“All of our students need to have the skills and tenacity necessary to be college and career ready and that starts with being proficient readers.

- Nancy Talley, Director of Curriculum, River Valley Local School District, Caledonia, OH



The River Valley Local School District recently intensified their graduation standards to better prepare their students for the rigors of college and careers. Literacy proficiency is of critical importance, and district leaders were aware that a portion of their middle school students were non-proficient readers. They needed a seamless way to identify these students, enable teachers to differentiate their literacy instruction, and accelerate students’ learning to meet the district’s new standards.


River Valley chose Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® to help identify and address the fundamental literacy skill gaps of their students. RAPID’s immediate assessment results provide an efficient way to determine who is a non-proficient reader. Once identified, PowerUp’s personalized instruction accelerates the development of fundamental literacy skills while building the higher-order skills students need to comprehend and analyze increasingly complex texts


RAPID delivered the student data and teacher support the district desired, and revealed some unexpected results. “Because we chose to screen all of our students with RAPID, not just those students we felt needed support,” remarked Talley, “we discovered that our entire middle school population lacked proficiency in grammar, one of the three instructional strands addressed by PowerUp. Knowing this, we have all our students use PowerUp to close these skill gaps. They exit the program once they gain reading proficiency.”

Teachers value the student data RAPID and PowerUp provide allowing them to differentiate their teaching based on student needs. “RAPID and PowerUp are outstanding programs that will help drive your literacy instruction with greater ease and specificity than you would expect,” commented River Valley Middle School eighth-grade teacher, Mason Roulston. “They play an important role in preparing our students for college and careers.”

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