Ridgeview Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO

DOwnload case study

“We are seeing higher numbers of students reach grade-level expected outcomes at end-of-year benchmarking, more than ever before. Lexia Core5 Reading has played a significant role in this success.”

- Principal, Theresa Ritz, Ridgeview Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Enhance Ridgeview Elementary School’s early literacy skills instruction without adding personnel
  • Implement a comprehensive K–5 technology-based literacy program that would be manageable and easy for teachers to use
  • Support teachers in providing differentiated instruction


Principal Ritz and her teaching staff reviewed multiple literacy programs and determined Lexia® Core5® Reading to be the most effective technology-based program to fulfill the instructional needs of both her teachers and students at Ridgeview Elementary School.

  • Core5’s explicit and systematic approach to building fundamental literacy skills enables her students to work independently and at their own pace
  • The program’s offline instructional resources, including scripted lessons for small group instruction, support teacher effectiveness and save her teachers valuable time
  • Core5’s real-time data reports are actionable and easy for teachers to interpret

  • The percentage of students working in or above grade level in Core5 rose dramatically from 52% to 90% in less than one school year1
  • The percentage of students working 2+ grades below their grade level in Core5 was reduced from 17% to only 3% in less than one school year2
  • Since the initial implementatation of Core5 at Ridgeview Elementary School, other District 49 elementary schools have recognized its benefits and have added it to their literacy programming


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1Lexia Learning, 8/1/16 through 2/27/17