Lake Geneva J1 School District, Lake Geneva, WI

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“Lexia Learning is amazing! Not only do they provide a high quality technology-based literacy program, but they have supported us each step of the way with a seamless implementation plan and solid training.”

- Jan Eckola, Director of Instruction, Lake Geneva J1 School District, Lake Geneva, WI


Administrators in Lake Geneva decided to embrace a personalized learning initiative to support their literacy curriculum. Assistant Superintendent Eckola saw the potential of technology-based programs to support the initiative, but was skeptical—she didn’t know if she could find a program that would be comprehensive enough to enable her students to experience the benefits of personalized learning.


Eckola was impressed with the research behind Lexia® Core5® Reading , and the quality of Lexia’s parent company, Rosetta Stone. She felt the depth and quality of the program was matched by that of the company and its staff. She chose Core5 for its ability to:

  • Deliver progress monitoring data that is clear, actionable, and easy to interpret for both the district administrators and classroom teachers
  • Adapt to individual skill levels, engage and motivate students and support teachers with scripted, targeted offline instructional resources
  • Help teachers identify existing/emerging skill gaps among students of all abilities

Eckola summarized the value of Lexia Core5 Reading this way:

“At one point, Core5 identified some of our advanced readers as having ‘holes’ [skill gaps]. Our administrators said, ‘That can’t be. It’s wrong,’ but we discovered that Lexia was right and were able to address those holes immediately. I believe it’s a gift to have an online literacy program that adapts to all students’ individual skill levels, provides actionable data showing where students struggle and why, and offers scripted offline lessons to help teachers deliver targeted instruction. We began slowly, only using Core5 in grades K–2, but soon discovered it was essential that we bring this valuable literacy program to our entire student body.”

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