Glocester School District, Glocester, RI

DOwnload case study

“The state of Rhode Island introduced a blended learning initiative. We were excited by this idea, but with 20 students per class, wondered how our teachers would be able to fulfill this requirement. We found Lexia Core5 Reading to be the answer.

- Karen Luth, Literacy Coach/Coordinator, Glocester School District, Glocester, RI



“To implement a blended learning model for our literacy instruction, we needed a resource that would support our teachers while lessening demands on their time,” Luth stated. “We searched for a program that would benefit all of our students through ease-of-use and differentiated instruction with a focus on skill mastery not ‘drill and practice’”.


A team from Glocester conducted a site visit at Pleasant View Elementary in Providence, RI to see how Lexia® Core5® Reading was benefitting them. Glocester made the decision to purchase Core5 for their schools based on what they saw, including:

  • How independent Pleasant Valley’s students were in using Core5 and how engaged they were in the program
  • More than “drill and practice,” Core5 delivered differentiated instruction to students of all abilities ensuring skill mastery through scaffolding and offline instructional resources
  • Scripted lessons saved teachers valuable planning time while adding structure and consistency to their small group literacy instruction


  • A research analysis conducted by Lexia indicates a significant relationship between students’ work in Core5 and their STAR Reading™ scaled scores in 1st-4th grades
  • The percentage of students working in or above grade level in Core5 rose dramatically from 60% to 96% in less than one school year1
  • Core5 supports Glocester teachers’ targeted, personalized instruction with its robust data and offline instructional resources

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1Lexia Learning, 8/1/16-3/26/2017 for students who used Core5 for at least 12 weeks with fidelity