Bluffdale Elementary School, Jordan School District, UT


“Once we saw the tremendous literacy gains made by our K–3 students using Lexia Core5 Reading, our principal maximized the value of Core5 by extending its use site-wide for all students.”

- Lucinda Staley, Literacy Specialist, Bluffdale Elementary School, Jordan School District, UT



As for many schools today, the ability to differentiate and personalize literacy instruction for students at all skill levels was a major challenge at Bluffdale Elementary School. “We were looking for a program that would support our teachers’ overall literacy instruction,” commented Staley. “It was critical that the solution included training that would enable teachers to maximize the benefits of the program from the start.”


Administrators chose Lexia® Core5® Reading, a research-proven, technologybased literacy program for grades pre-K–5. For their students, Core5 provides explicit, systematic instruction through personalized learning paths in six areas of reading. For their teachers, Core5 delivers both progress monitoring data that pinpoints students’ skill gaps, and scripted, offline Lexia Lessons® that can be used to target those gaps in their small-group or individualized instruction. Comprehensive, high-quality training by Lexia was included with the program.

  • Expanding the program site-wide created dramatic results. The percent of Bluffdale’s K–5 students meeting recommended usage on Core5 who were working below grade level in the program reduced from 53% to only 5% by the end of the 2016-2017 school year.1
  • “The student data that Core5 provides is phenomenal. It is something Lexia really focuses on and is a huge asset for any teacher,” Staley added.
  • “The Lexia training was a game changer,” stated Jodee Crane, a Kindergarten teacher at Bluffdale. “It built confidence in new teachers, and showed us how to utilize all aspects of Core5 to achieve the greatest results for our students. ”Additionally, being able to access Core5 via iPad® enabled my students to progress through the activities more quickly than if they had needed to learn to manipulate a computer mouse.”

Sample Core5 Lessons

1Students using Core5 with fidelity over at least 20 weeks of use (N=556) from 9/1/16-6/1/17