VASS (Virginia Association of School Superintendents)

Lexia Learning is a partner of VASS (The Virginia Association of School Superintendents)


The Virginia Association of School Superintendents believes the fundamental rights of American citizens include access to an education in which the potential of individuals is developed to the maximum. The public schools of the nation have historically been, and must continue to be, the primary instruments in fulfilling this right. VASS acknowledges and applauds the current focus on instruction, assessment and accountability in order to strengthen public education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. School superintendents also recognize and appreciate the opportunities for public school leaders across Virginia to contribute their insight and expertise in shaping the future of students and their contributions to our democratic society. VASS proposes a discussion around the “big ideas” in the areas of instruction, assessment and accountability. VASS’ “big ideas” are those that effectively and reasonably demonstrate students reaching standards of achievement, as well as those that demonstrate continuous progress and growth.

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