LUDA (Large Unit District Association)

Lexia Learning is a partner of LUDA (Large Unit District Association)

LUDA (The Large Unit District Association) was created in 1976 by a group of superintendents who recognized the need for an organization that would provide networking, professional development, and advocacy for large unit school districts. The purpose of LUDA is to promote the sound and efficient operation of large unit school districts in the State of Illinois, serve as a resource of information for large unit school districts, make known to the public the educational, financial, operational, and organizational needs and concerns of large unit districts in order to promote the common good and general welfare of the districts, their students, and their communities, and influence legislation and regulations; disseminate analyses, studies, and research in order to assist in the development of sound educational policy. LUDA represents the largest fifty-three unit districts in Illinois, thus speaking on behalf of more than half of the students in the state. Unit districts are those that educate students in PreK through grade 12 and large is defined as enrollments of at least 3,500. 

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