IALAS (Illinois Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents)

Lexia Learning is a partner of IALAS (Illinois Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents)

ALAS aims to provide leadership at the national level to assure every school in America effectively serves the educational needs of all students with an emphasis on Latino youth by building capacity, promoting best practices, and transforming educational institutions. With over 4,000 members across the country, ALAS is the premier professional organization among Latino administrators and educators focusing on professional development, information sharing and policy advocacy. As the Latino student population continues to soar in Illinois, with Latino children representing more than 25% of all public school students (Illinois Report Card, 2014/15), the need to network and build capacity among Latino educators is a greater need than ever before. The vision of IALAS to unify and cultiave educational leaders to serve all students served as the fuel to establish IALAS.

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