Transforming Georgia Schools through Personalized Learning

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Over the past three years, 14 schools from the Turnaround Eligible list across four Georgia districts have transformed their instructional practices through the Personalized Learning (PL) grant. The grant is part of the state’s strategy to increase student achievement and engagement through the design and implementation of personalized learning. Participating schools in the Muscogee, Dougherty, Bibb and Savannah-Chatham districts have received resources to address the needs of each student: 

  • Professional coaching and modeling to increase teacher effectiveness
  • Establishing a school framework for sustainability of personalized learning
  • Devices and resources for teachers and students
  • Digital technology tools to enhance personalized learning in reading and math, including Lexia® Core5® Reading (Core5)

The grant is funded by OneGeorgia Authority and managed by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.

The PL grant programs have positively impacted student growth this year. Through implementing these programs in my classroom, I have been able to foster not only growth but also the desire to learn and succeed. My students are eager to engage with these programs and track their own personal growth. It has been amazing to see their reading ability increase throughout this school year.

Lexia Core5 Reading has been an awesome tool to incorporate in my classroom. It has assisted me in my pursuit to have instruction specifically tailored to each of my students. It has provided me with tremendous resources necessary to facilitate growth through personalized learning.

-D'Yana Hardaway
2nd Grade Teacher/Grade Level Chair
Muscogee County School District

With help from the PL grant, I am using a more personalized touch to ensure my students get the instruction they need. My students and I are becoming more tech-savvy. I have noticed a great improvement in their reading and math scores with the help of PL.

One of the programs in the grant, Lexia Core5 Reading, has helped my students improve their reading skills tremendously. My students are so happy when they move to another level, and we celebrate and cheer for them.

-Debora Anderson
1st Grade Teacher
Dougherty County School System

Before the PL grant, my instructional practices mainly consisted of whole-group instruction with little technology and homogeneous small groups. Now my small groups are personalized and meaningful; students are able to talk about their work and have a choice of student-centered activities based on interest, data, and Lexile scores.

At the beginning of the school year, 91% of my first-graders scored below grade level in Core5 and were assigned Pre-K or K material. By March, that was down to 17%! There was also a 96% increase in my Star 360 data. Core5 has supported me by providing resources for individualized learning to help fill in the learning gaps.

-Elrica Bush
1st Grade Teacher
Bibb County Public School District

The PL grant has transformed the way we use data. Teachers are more intentional about using data to inform instruction and to group students. We now have teachers providing exit slips and taking anecdotal notes during their teacher-led stations as well as students setting goals and conferencing with teachers.

Both students and teachers have shown significant growth. Our students are now receiving instruction based on their ability and need. Our teachers are growing because we are tailoring our PDs to reflect the needs of each school and each teacher.

Keeping these components in place will allow us to continue to sharpen our skills and increase our effectiveness in each classroom.

-Shaundra Straughter
PL Specialist
Muscogee County School District/Dougherty County School System

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