Spokane International Academy, Washington

Data compiled and analyzed by the Lexia® Research Team (research@lexialearning.com)

Assessment: SBAC
Program: RAPID
Grades: 7–8
Evaluation Period: 2016–2017
Key Findings
  • Significant moderate to high correlations between 7th and 8th grade students’ fall Reading Success Probabilities (RSP) and the spring Smarter Balanced Consortium English Language Arts (SBAC-ELA) scaled scores, indicating a strong positive relationship between overall performance on RAPID in the fall and SBAC in the spring (Table 1).
  • Across both 7th and 8th grade students, there were significant moderate to high correlations for the fall Reading Comprehension and Syntactic Knowledge Tasks, indicating that performance on these tasks in the fall has a strong relationship with performance on the SBAC-ELA in the spring (Table 2).